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As we transition our agronomy efforts to the NuWay Agronomy brand under NuWay-K&H Cooperative, our focus remains the same. Our goal with regard to ag technology innovation is to be able to identify, evaluate, select and integrate emerging technologies into our grower base faster than our competitors, thus giving our growers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With all of the new opportunities out there, clearly the key to success and long-term grower adoption is to be able to accurately identify which products and services will make it through the “start-up” phase and provide a long-term solution or improvement to methods we use today. Working with a select group of customers using controlled evaluation methods, we are able to look at multiple opportunities each growing season in order to determine which future technologies have potential staying power. We want to prove effectiveness of a product to ourselves first, before we introduce it to our entire customer base. This method gives us a much higher success rate with regard to firstyear integration, and lowers our growers’ risk. Here are just a few of the companies and potential technologies we are evaluating in 2019:




  • One of the next steps in “Smart Farming,” Teralytic soil sensors wirelessly offer real-time microclimate and soil data on characteristics such as soil moisture, soil temperature and nutrient levels like P, K, Nitrate N and Ammonium N. This technology could help to fine-tune applications, especially in partnership with adapt-N.


New Life BioSciences

New Life BioSciences

  • As part of our SUSTAIN initiative, the New Life BioSciences line of Stryke biological products produce enzymes that can help break down residue and unlock minerals and nutrients for plant uptake. These products could increase yield potential by maximizing nutrient uptake and improving overall soil health.

Saltro Seed Treatment Available for 2020 Season

Upgraded SDS Protection continues to be a focus of discussion because of its devastating effect on soybean yield.  As the disease continues to wreak havoc on yields, your farmers may be looking for better protection for their crop. They plant NK® varieties with SDS and/or SCN resistance but have only had one seed treatment option to rely upon. Have they ever asked you what else they can do to manage this disease? You’ll now have another option to recommend that is an upgrade over the standard to which you’re both accustomed.
Saltro® fungicide seed treatment will be available for use in the 2020 season. It will offer superior protection from SDS and will have activity on a broad spectrum of nematodes, including soybean cyst. Your customers will be able to continue planting earlier into cooler, wetter soils and know they have the best SDS protection without any plant stress side effects.

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Monitor Your Nitrogen

It is important for growers to know how many pounds of nitrogen they have available in their fields. The amount of nitrogen that needs to be applied to a field will vary from year to year depending on yield goals, weather conditions, and crop rotation. Not applying enough nitrogen can starve a corn crop and limit it's potential. Applying too much nitrogen can be a waste of money and have potential to harm the environment. Using a nitrogen modeling tool such as adapt-N can help growers be confident that their fields are performing up to their highest potential. Fields enrolled in the adapt-N tool have shown a bushel response along with nitrogen savings in the NuWay Agronomy footprint!

Contact your Account Manager today and ask them about adapt-N.

Protect Your Nitrogen Investment

Nitrogen is typically one of the highest input costs that growers have. Over the past five years, the NuWay Agronomy Team has seen losses of up to 60 lbs/acre in fall applied nitrogen. Unstabalized nitrogen applications expose fields to more risk of fall rains and wet spring conditions causing the nitrogen to not be available to the plants. Many farmers compensate for these losses by overapplying nitrogen to their fields. However, it makes more economic sense to apply less nitrogen and protect those applications with a nitrogen stabalizer such as N-Serve™ or Centuro®. 


Please contact your Account Manager today about protecting your nitrogen investment.


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Precision agriculture has created a multitude of ideas and services for more intensively farming the land. Current thought is to tie together as many of these ideas and services as possible in a systems approach, in order to maximize the profitability of each acre.

This means matching our recommendations to the unique needs of your fields. In doing this, we avoid relying on one product, software brand or technology tool like R7®, Climate FieldView™ or Adapt-N. Each field requires a different tool or set of tools, and these tools may change from year to year.

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