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Pesticide Container Recycling

Martin, Jackson, and Faribault counties have provided the following times and locations for empty pesticide container recycling. Container acceptability includes:
~ #2 HDPE Plastic ONLY (identified on bottom)
~ Be sure containers are CLEAN and DRY
~ No caps
~ Remove label sleeve
~ No mini bulk containers, barrels or pails
Containers with chemical residue may be rejected.  For more information about recycling in Faribault or Martin counties contact Billeye Rabbe, Solid Waste Coordinator at 507-776-3232 and for Jackson county contact Andy Geiger, Jackson County Land Management at 507-662-6682 x4. 

2021 Crop Tour Results

Landus Cooperative and optimization partner NuWay-K&H Coopreative is pleased to present to our farmer owners the results of the 2021 Crop Tour.

These results come from the diligent work our team did over the past couple weeks to analyze crop results throughout Iowa and Minnesota. Click on the link below to watch our 2021 Crop Tour webinar, where we present the data gathered from surveying fields and crop conditions throughout the Landus and NuWay-K&H Cooperative geography to help you make informed grain marketing decisions this harvest.

This years tour covered 36 counties, 255 townships, 510 fields.



2021 Crop Tour Results


Bag to Bin

It's that time of year to be scouting for insects. Both corn and soybeans face different struggles when it comes to insect pressure. A common and important insect for corn is the corn rootworm beetle. Corn rootworm starts as larvae in the soil and feeds on corn roots. It emerges as a beetle around late June to early July and feeds on silk. They can cause extreme damage to the crop. Because this insect can be so devastating, there are ways to monitor and see what pressure is like out in your field. 

Doing corn rootworm digs is one way to get an idea of early pressure. By digging up a corn plant and placing it in a bucket of water, this will allow larvae to float to the top and you can then see how many are on each plant. Another way to monitor pressure is by placing sticky traps out in your field. Place them right above the ear on the plant and check them a week later to see what activity is happening. WinField United says the threshold for corn rootworm is 0.5-1 insect per plant. It is important to consider different management techniques depending on your farming operation.

If you have acres that are corn on corn, using a hybrid that has below-ground insect protection is a way to enforce protection. SmartStax or Qrome products provide that below-ground protection. In our plots, we have DKC56-65SS, a 106-day hybrid and B98R95Q, a 98-day hybrid, that both offer below-ground protection to defend against corn rootworm larvae. By being able to offer both SmartStax and Qrome technology, NuWay Agronomy can be your one-stop shop for whichever genetic background you prefer.

While grasshoppers, spider mites, and aphids are not unique to soybeans, they do pose a threat and can cause economic damage. A significant population of grasshoppers commonly starts to show up on soybean foliage in July and August when their normal feeding habitats (like ditches and grass areas) are being mowed. They will start to infiltrate field edges and defoliate leaves which reduces photosynthetic activity and overall can affect yield. Spider mites are another pest that feeds on soybeans. They thrive in years that are hot and dry. They feed on soybeans by sucking nutrients out of the leaf leaving a yellow spot also known as leaf stippling. Intense feeding will show the leaves becoming yellow to brown or bronze. Like grasshoppers, the damage is noticed on field edges first. Finally, soybean aphids can also cause damage. Like spider mites, aphids feed by sucking mouthparts that extract contents out of the leaf. This can lead to a reduction in growth rate, pod counts, and overall yield. The economic threshold is 250 aphids per plant, with a greater impact in the R1-R4 stages.


Bag to Bin - Insect Pressure

Bag to Bin - Insect Pressure

New Customer Portal

Our customers have remained our top priority as we’ve built NuWay-K&H Cooperative over the years. We put a high priority on offering the best products, programs, and resources to our teams and our customers. We are excited to announce the launch of our NuWay-K&H Cooperative Customer Portal available to you April 1!

We place an importance on face-to-face customer relationships, and this will never change, but we also want to ensure that we offer effective and user-friendly ways for our customers to collaborate with us at any time and on any day. With our new NuWay-K&H Cooperative Portal, you will save time by having instant access to the information you need to keep your operation running smoothly. 

Follow the button below register for the portal. 

Register Here!

FarmRx Offers Datalink Program

Datalink is a FarmRx program offered through NuWay Agronomy to growers that want to harness more information from the data being created on their fields.  Datalink is a shared experience between a Grower, Trusted Advisor, and FarmRx. 

All data is valuable, and the Datalink program helps connect the data sources to a program to help analyze and produce insights that can be used to make decisions on a field.  It is not a grower’s intention to do any task on their field for nothing. There must be an ROI or a reason for adding a product or making an adjustment to a practice. Datalink enables growers an opportunity to learn about products and practices they are not using by comparing their practices to others, giving them opportunities to learn faster and it also allows them opportunities to have access to product trials before non-Datalink growers.

Datalink is the gateway to our AgSolver Profit Mapping System which will allow growers to take the next step in farm financial planning and reporting. FarmRx integrates our Datalink growers with industry leaders to make sure they are always on the cutting edge.

Contact Kevin at Kevin.Anderson@NuWay-KandH.com to learn more.

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