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Brevant™ seeds is a high-performance corn and soybean brand that provides industry-leading seed and service exclusively to retail. Brevant seeds draws on the strengths of Corteva Agriscience, built on 100 years of ag experience, science and support. Brevant seeds provides a new, agile way of doing business driven by Retail Development Teams partnering with local retailers.


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The Best Performance. According To Math.

Click here to read more about Brevant. Brevant™ brand corn hybrids have been tested nearly 3 million times against the competition and average 7 bu./A more2. Brevant brand Enlist E3® soybean varieties average 1 bu./A more3 than the competition. Through Corteva Agriscience, we’re bringing the world’s largest proprietary library of corn germplasm to retail. Contact your Account Manager today and ask them about Brevant brand corn hybrids and soybean varieties.

Credenz® Soybeans

As a forward-thinking soybean grower, you’re not satisfied with the status quo. Every year brings a new set of challenges. Credenz soybeans can help with those challenges, through a lineup of precise varieties, dialed in to your local conditions. You also get expert agronomic support from BASF, along with a comprehensive seed treatment and crop protection portfolio. Credenz varieties are engineered to give you a new measure of success.

Why Credenz?
~ Precise Varieties: Extensive data on each variety is developed through testing in a variety of conditions to withstand local pest and disease pressures.
~ Agronomic Expertise: Experienced teams of soybean experts bring guidance and local support to your operation with in-depth insights on seed and management decisions.
~ Continuous Innovation: Strongly committed to the advancement of LibertyLink® GT27,™ the first glufosinate and glyphosate stacked trait for soybeans.
~ Quality Pledge: Rigorous testing that goes above and beyond industry standards with meticulous assessments at every stage, from harvest to shipping.
~ Proven Portfolio: A national lineup of high-performing varieties, along with quality seed treatment options and top-of-the-line crop protection solutions.


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Picking a soybean that goes beyond the status quo.

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FMC to Introduce New Corn Fungicide in 2021

This new in-furrow fungicide pushes past former limits by providing more than just early-season protection, and instead protects the plant throughout the entire season. This new tool? FMC’s Xyway in two formulations: Xyway 3D Fungicide and Xyway LFR.

“It provides inside-out protection before diseases emerge,” says FMC’s Bruce Stripling. The active ingredient is Flutiafol, a group three fungicide with demethylation inhibitors mode of action. It controls gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight.

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What's happening below ground?

EZ Insights with Jon & Corey

Corn rootworms haven't been as much of a "pest" the last few years in MN with plenty of rainfall in the spring that helped reduce their survivability, plus timely late-season rains that aided in root regeneration and growth,  masking much of the insect pressure that may have been present. 2020 is a different story, with significant corn rootworm beetles (CRW) found across the countryside, especially in corn-on-corn situations. 

Now is the time to start determining CRW levels to help in decision making for 2021! Check the video out below for things to watch for!

Corn Rootworm Lifecycle
The main concern with rootworm feeding is the damage they do to the root system. First-instar larvae feed on root hairs and the outer root tissue, while second instars feed on more lateral roots, and sometimes burrow deeper into the roots. The mature 3rd instars wreak the most havoc by burrowing into the roots and making tunnels lengthwise up through the central portion of the nodal and brace roots. The damage severely limits the amount of water and nutrients that the plant can take up, and limits the stability that the brace roots can offer.

By now, most larvae have finished feeding on roots and have  transformed into adult beetles. Once they emerge from the soil, they can feed on leaves and silks. If corn is still in the pollination process, they can wreak havoc when the clip silks. 

Monitoring the Level of Pressure
The level of corn rootworm beetles (CRW) present in the field this year will be critical to know to determine the course of action for next year. Deciding if the acres can be corn-on-corn, the need for planting corn with below-ground traits for protection, adding an in-furrow insecticide, or even switching to a non-host crop, monitoring the number of CRW beetle's that can lay eggs will help make a more informed decision.

Yellow sticky traps can be used to get a baseline of the amount of beetle's in the field. Sticky traps should be set at corn silking and continue through the dent stage to monitor levels. 

Economic threshold's of CRW beetles differ some based on the state, but Extension entomologists at the University of Illinois and Iowa State University have outlined the following actions thresholds in beetles/trap/day to provide the economic damage potential for the following season:
  • Less than 2 beetles/trap/day indicate a relatively low risk of economic damage.
    • Greater than 1 beetle/trap/day suggests a low risk for economic damage but could indicate populations are increasing.
  • Greater than 2 beetles/trap/day indicate the probability for economic damage is likely if control measures are not used. 
  • Greater than 5 beetles indicate that economic damage is very likely and populations are expected to be very high the following year.
As you start making decisions for next year, consider some of the data and insights found in the link below around corn trait needs and differences!


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Precision agriculture has created a multitude of ideas and services for more intensively farming the land. Current thought is to tie together as many of these ideas and services as possible in a systems approach, in order to maximize the profitability of each acre.

This means matching our recommendations to the unique needs of your fields. In doing this, we avoid relying on one product, software brand or technology tool like R7®, Climate FieldView™ or Adapt-N. Each field requires a different tool or set of tools, and these tools may change from year to year.

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