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NuWay-K&H Cooperative Offers New Soybean Seed Brand

We are excited to offer a NEW soybean seed brand for the 2022 growing season. In cooperation with our optimization partner, Landus Cooperative, we are able to offer the AcreEdge® soybean seed brand to our customers. The AcreEdge® seed brand is a geographically targeted soybean seed lineup bred for results on your acres. Traits are selected from the same pool of genetics as the world’s largest seed companies. 

AcreEdge® has proven itself in our test plots this year with above-average yields when compared to competitive brands. Now is your chance to be one of the first farmers to put this seed in your field in our geography.

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2021 Crop Tour Results

Landus Cooperative and optimization partner NuWay-K&H Coopreative is pleased to present to our farmer owners the results of the 2021 Crop Tour. These results come from the diligent work our team did over the past couple weeks to analyze crop results throughout Iowa and Minnesota. Click on the link below to watch our 2021 Crop Tour webinar, where we present the data gathered from surveying fields and crop conditions throughout the Landus and NuWay-K&H Cooperative geography to help you make informed grain marketing decisions this harvest. This years tour covered 36 counties, 255 townships, 510 fields. #LandusCropTour21


2021 Crop Tour Results

2021 Crop Tour Results

Bag to Bin

Combines are rolling and harvest is here, which means it’s already time to start thinking about seed decisions for next year! As you’re in the combine, it is a convenient time to start looking at how hybrids and varieties performed yield-wise. This can be a good base for how you start your decision process, but it is also important to remember other factors that go into yield. The 2021 growing season was an adverse year, which may be reflected in your monitor. Planting conditions were less than ideal, with the majority being in cool, dry soils. The planting timeframe was different for many operations which led to varying emergence and stand results. These seeds went into dry soils and for the most part, stayed that way for most of their growing season.

This environment created the perfect storm for corn rootworm larvae to flourish. We didn’t have a harsh winter to kill many off and or a wet spring to drown them out. We saw extremely high levels of pressure in some areas, especially in corn-on-corn acres. However, even rotated soybean-corn acres, there was still a presence of these pests. Keeping that in mind, a below-ground traited hybrid is going to be essential for your operation if you plan on doing continuous corn for 2022. Products like a SmarStax, Qrome, or Duracade will provide you will below-ground protection to combat corn rootworm. Brevant’s 98-day B98R95Q, Dekalb’s 106-day 56-65SS, and Brevant’s 101-day B01Z88Q are three products we have in plots this year that will be great considerations for corn-on-corn acres. Placement for all three of those products is going to be on the more productive acre with heavier soils. Adding an insecticide application along with these products will help mitigate the pressure of insects.

This year we are also seeing physical benefits of fungicide applications. With the dry season, fungicide has helped with late-season plant health and intactness. The applications helped the plants use water more efficiently in-season and have led to green plants later into the season to stay alive and take advantage of later rain events. Hybrids B98R95AM and B08C92AML both have a high response to fungicide application based on WinField United’s Answer Plot data.

Soybean decisions for 2022 can be heavily relied upon which herbicide program best fits your operation. Neighboring fields and spraying timeframes are considerations to keep in mind when making your decision. We are excited to get harvest data for our 3 soybean test plots that have 20 different varieties ranging from 1.3 to 2.3 maturity. These plots have varieties from Enlist, Liberty, and Xtendflex trait platforms.


Bag to Bin - Seed Considerations

Bag to Bin - Seed Considerations

Increasing tar spot of corn in Minnesota

October 28, 2021
Dean Malvick, Extension plant pathologist

Tar spot of corn increased in distribution and severity in Minnesota in 2021 compared to previous years. It developed widely in SE MN where it developed previously, and spread west and north to areas where it was not previously known. Thus, tar spot is no longer restricted to southeast Minnesota and may pose a risk to more areas in the future.

Tar spot is a fungal disease of corn that primarily infects and damages leaves. It can result in significant yield losses, depending on weather, severity, and timing of disease development. Risk of disease is highest in areas with frequent rains where the disease has occurred previously. Corn tar spot is caused by the fungus Phyllachora maydis. It produces raised, small (0.1” – 0.2”) raised, irregular-shaped black structures on leaves. The black structures are firm, appear mostly smooth on the surface, and do not rub off or break open (see photos below from MN corn fields).


Key points and observations from 2021

The first report that I have of tar spot in MN in 2021 was the last week of July in Fillmore County.
 ~ Since then, tar spot developed across SE MN and spread much further to the north and west.
 ~ Tar spot was widespread in fields and most severe in SE MN where the disease was established in previous years and rains were more common this summer than in other areas.
 ~ Even in SE MN, tar spot was at low levels in most fields until late August and September, and it had no effect on corn yields. However, yield loss due to tar spot was likely in some fields.
 ~ The map above shows the confirmed distribution of tar spot in MN. Tar spot probably also spread to other counties where it was not detected or was unreported.
 ~ How is tar spot spreading? Spread via wind seems likely, but we do not know how far it can spread. For example, I found tar spot in September in late-planted corn plots on the St Paul campus. As most of you know, there are no nearby corn fields. Did it travel via wind more than 10 miles from the nearest large corn fields, or did it make short jumps on garden plots across the suburbs and city to campus? Tar spot also likely spreads by infested residue.
 ~ The distribution map for tar spot in MN shows spread of the disease to the north and west. Most of the counties with new finds of tar spot had very low levels of disease when it was observed in September and October. Tar spot probably started in many of those fields in early to mid-September following the rains.
 ~ The disease did not affect yield outside of SE MN. This is likely due to late development of disease, possibly due to dry conditions and the lack of local inoculum to start the disease.
 ~ We cannot predict what will happen with tar spot in Minnesota in the future, although it may now be established in many areas and pose an increased risk to corn crops.
 ~ Not only did tar spot spread in MN, it also spread in many other states and developed to severe levels in many areas.  A map with the known distribution of tar spot in the U.S. is available from Corn ipmPipe.

For more information

More information on tar spot and it’s potential to cause yield loss can be found here
 ~ Tar spot preface and introduction 
 ~ How tar spot of corn impacted hybrid yields during the 2018 Midwest epidemic

New Customer Portal

Our customers have remained our top priority as we’ve built NuWay-K&H Cooperative over the years. We put a high priority on offering the best products, programs, and resources to our teams and our customers. We are excited to announce the launch of our NuWay-K&H Cooperative Customer Portal available to you April 1!

We place an importance on face-to-face customer relationships, and this will never change, but we also want to ensure that we offer effective and user-friendly ways for our customers to collaborate with us at any time and on any day. With our new NuWay-K&H Cooperative Portal, you will save time by having instant access to the information you need to keep your operation running smoothly. 

Follow the button below register for the portal. 

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FarmRx Offers Datalink Program

Datalink is a FarmRx program offered through NuWay Agronomy to growers that want to harness more information from the data being created on their fields.  Datalink is a shared experience between a Grower, Trusted Advisor, and FarmRx. 

All data is valuable, and the Datalink program helps connect the data sources to a program to help analyze and produce insights that can be used to make decisions on a field.  It is not a grower’s intention to do any task on their field for nothing. There must be an ROI or a reason for adding a product or making an adjustment to a practice. Datalink enables growers an opportunity to learn about products and practices they are not using by comparing their practices to others, giving them opportunities to learn faster and it also allows them opportunities to have access to product trials before non-Datalink growers.

Datalink is the gateway to our AgSolver Profit Mapping System which will allow growers to take the next step in farm financial planning and reporting. FarmRx integrates our Datalink growers with industry leaders to make sure they are always on the cutting edge.

Contact Kevin at Kevin.Anderson@NuWay-KandH.com to learn more.

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