Precision Ag

Bringing New Technology Faster and More Efficiently

Precision agriculture has created a multitude of ideas and services for more intensively farming the land. Current thought is to tie together as many of these ideas and services as possible in a systems approach, in order to maximize the profitability of each acre.
This means matching our recommendations to the unique needs of your fields. In doing this, we utilize multiple products, software brands and technology tools like R7®, Climate FieldView™ or adapt-N. Each field requires a different tool or set of tools, and these tools may change from year to year.
NuWay Agronomy has a great deal of experience. We were known as innovators when we began offering precision ag services back in 1995, and we’ve always been on the leading edge of bringing new technology to growers faster and more efficiently than any other supplier in our market area.


We’ve also done a better job of gathered data through our precision ag services and using it to improve what we do for our customers the following year.

Data management and use is a hallmark of our precision ag services today. These services include:


Grid sampling


Script creation


Variable-rate applications and planting


adapt-N nitrogen management

R7® Tool support


Climate FieldView™ support


Technology Advantage data management


Soil EC/OMPH mapping



The identification, measurement and analysis of a field’s unique characteristics in order to actively manage each field individually, as a means to effectively maximize crop input and output efficiency, increasing overall grower profitability.