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Energy Market Update

Sep 01, 2022


Energy markets are in a down trend for the past two days. Today is following in those same footsteps. All energy products are finding downward momentum today. This is due to some of the same reasons that we have been talking about for what seems forever. Supply and demand continues to drive the market.
Demand is leading the way the past few days. Covid 19 lockdowns have resurfaced in the major city of Chengdu China. Chengdu has 21 million citizens and accounts for almost 2% of China's GDP. This is the largest city lockdown since Shanghai. This is putting limits on China's demand outlook and could drop their estimated demand by 1-2 million bpd. There are still concerns over a recession and that would also hinder demand.
All the demand news is weighing hard on the market place and is overshadowing supply issues. The EIA dropped their numbers out for the week on Wednesday which showed draws on crude oil and gasoline with a very small build on diesel. In the graph below you can see that distillate’s (diesel) is still well below the five year average as we head into harvest. A good way to combat some of this is to fill your tanks now and make sure to go into harvest full.

Propane continues to follow the crude market for now. Propane is currently trading at 51% of crude. When the EIA released their numbers Wednesday propane showed a nice build of 4.2 million barrels. However the bulk of that was in the Gulf where it seemed that exports were down this week. The Midwest build was very small at 500,000 barrels. This is concerning for the Midwest as we have not had very good builds all summer long. We will have to wait and see if this will affect pricing.

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