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Energy Market Update

Sep 01, 2022

Energy markets are in a down trend for the past two days. Today is following in those same footsteps. All energy products are finding downward momentum today. This is due to some of the same reasons that we have been talking about for what seems forever. Supply and demand continues to drive the market.

Farm Safety for Kids Spending More Time at Home

Apr 09, 2021

For students across the country, distance learning has become the new normal. And for parents on farms and ranches, that means kids are spending increased time around farm equipment, animals and potentially hazardous materials. 

4 Critical Lubricant Checkpoints on Your Vehicle

Apr 09, 2021

Demand for delivery service is growing, and while that’s great news for your business, it also presents new challenges for your fleet. When it comes to your vehicles, increased workload means increased strain — which in turn means increased risk of breakdowns.

CHS grows access to high ethanol blend fuels

Apr 07, 2021

High ethanol blend E15 gasoline is available at about 50 Cenex locations and that number is expected to grow.