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What Can MAX-IN K Do For You?

Jan 18, 2022

Foliar potassium may garner some skepticism at first mention, but when a product like MAX-IN® K is used properly, it can take a grower’s plant nutrition strategy up a level. Let’s explore how and when it’s best to recommend this new product.

MAX-IN K Features and Benefits

According to tissue sample results, there is a clear need for additional potassium in-season. In fact, over the past five years, 67% of NutriSolutions® corn tissue samples at V14-V18 have shown a K deficiency as well as 75% of soybean samples at R1-R3. MAX-IN K foliar-applied liquid micronutrient is designed to give crops a timely boost of K during these growth stages, right when and where they need it most.

MAX-IN K has several features that set it apart from other foliar potassium products on the market. WinField Untied has thoroughly tested multiple options and chose the highest performing premium K source: potassium acetate. Compared to other sources, potassium acetate is the most mobile through the plant’s leaf cuticle. We also added our proprietary CornSorb® technology to further enhance absorption by increasing movement of nutrients through the leaf cuticle and into internal leaf structures. Compared to potassium alone, CornSorb technology improved nutrient uptake by up to 66%.

When is MAX-IN K most valuable?

MAX-IN K is not designed or intended to fix a soil fertility issue. Instead, it’s meant for in-season adjustments and optimization to help crops reach their potential. 

MAX-IN K is most suitable for medium- to high-yield environment growers who already manage their acres with a holistic, systems approach and are looking for the next step to unlock remaining potential of their crop. For example, if you have good soil levels and do a good job managing soil fertility, but tissue test results are still showing deficiencies, that is a signal the plant cannot uptake enough K through its roots no matter how much is in the soil. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as varying weather conditions and physiological needs, and is an optimum opportunity for a MAX-IN K recommendation. With a foliar application, the grower can get K into the plant without relying on root uptake.

Let’s explore another example. Say you have been increasing nitrogen (N) rates year after year and stopped seeing a yield benefit. Foliar K may be the next thing to help unlock that extra nitrogen through metabolic efficiencies since K helps neutralize negative charges within the plant making N more plant available.

Since N metabolism is a big key to plant health, MAX-IN K can also play a role in stress mitigation. The less energy the plant spends on utilizing N, the more energy it can focus on other areas. K is also a mobilizer for nitrate and plays a major role in cell hydration. Since K helps facilitate these pathways that mitigate stress and support plant health, it provides a synergistic effect when included with other plant health applications, such as fungicides.

When to think about MAX-IN K?

It’s never too early to start a plant nutrition conversation. While MAX-IN K application timing aligns with reproductive growth stages in-season, it’s smart to start talking about this product in the fall and winter, as you make overarching plant nutrition plans for the season to come. 

For more information on MAX-IN K, contact your NuWay Agronomy Account Manager.

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