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2021 NuWay Agronomy Corn Test Plots

Jun 11, 2021

Our 6 corn test plots are located in: Alpha, Amboy, Butterfield, Fairmont, Sherburn, and St. James. Out of these 6 plots, 5 of them are totally replicated. The 5 replicated plots represent 4 brands, Brevant, Croplan, Dekalb, and NK, and have 16 hybrids total. They have a maturity range from 98-day to 109-day. These plots were put in within 5 days of each other with Amboy being planted on April 20th, Sherburn April 22nd, Butterfield April 22nd, Fairmont April 23rd, and St. James April 24th. While all of these plots were planted into at least some moisture, it has been a rocky emergence season for them. Cooler and dry soils persisted until the very end of April which didn’t give these crops great emergence conditions. Since then, we have had everything from multiple days in a row with rain, freezing temperatures and frost damage, drought conditions, and now 90 degree days with no end in sight. However, it has allowed us to see what hybrids have that strong seedling vigor and can handle stress emergence for these unpredictable Minnesota springs. Most of the hybrids in the plots are currently at the V5 growth stage. This is when the growing point will be at or close to the soils surface and therefore will not be protected from another frost (I say as the lows at night for the 10-day forecast are in the 60s). As temperatures continue to soar, these corn plants are going to start really rapidly growing. With a good (and much needed) rain, then we will easily be past the old expression of “Knee high by July!”. The lineup is as follows: (a “B” in front will signify a Brevant hybrid, “CP” for Croplan, “DKC” for Dekalb, and “NK” for NK or Syngenta).
B98R95Q: solid drought tolerance for lighter soils
CP3980VT2P: can handle limited N
B00M18AM: strong stress emergence rating
DKC51-25VT2P: 101-day product with
CP4188VT2P: a go anywhere hybrid with yield to boot
B01Z88AM: strong tolerance to goss’s wilt and green snap
CP4265VT2P: excellent seedling vigor for strong emergence
NK0314: impressive agronomics with outstanding quality and test weight
CP4444VT2P: a hybrid with a strong response to population management, especially in high-yield environments
B04Z92AM: high response to fungicide application
DKC56-65SS: solid agronomics with top-end yield potential
NK0748: elite emergence and great late season stalks
DKC57-23TRE: a racehorse product for highly productive soils
DKC58-64SS: offensive hybrid that responds exceptionally to high management
B08C92AML: broadly adaptable hybrid to most soil types and yield environments
DKC59-82VT2P: 109-day product with
The 6th plot is a brand focus plot. This year we chose Brevant. Brevant is a new retail product line that we are excited to offer. By offering Brevant, we are offering Corteva genetics, something that we have not been able to do before! This plot, planting date of April 26th, has 9 Brevant hybrids from a 94-day to a 112-day. The exact line up of these hybrids looks like:
B94Z97Q – a great fit to place on those poorly drained soils
B97K12AM – a hybrid that responds highly to fungicide application
B97G09Q – the strong stalks this product has will support it late into harvest season
B00K94AMXT – this semi-flex ear type will respond to moderate plant densities
B01Z88Q – impressive stress emerger
B06Y18Q – good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot
B08C92AML – broadly adaptable hybrid that offers top yield potential
B09Z08AM – this hybrid offers a key strength of impressive test weight
B12C01AM – a full agronomic package of stalk, root, and strong green snap tolerance

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