Delivering Knowledge and Innovation With Your Inputs

As more farmers aspire to crop production that is both successful and sustainable, having new ideas at their fingertips is as important as acquiring quality products for their fields. NuWay offers both.
Other suppliers give customer reps responsibility for both sales and operations. NuWay Cooperative deliberately keeps those two important roles separate. By emphasizing close communication between divisions, we make it possible for our people in Sales and in Operations to keep a single focus on providing our customers the very best service.

The Best Seed for Each Acre

NuWay Cooperative is focused on selling the very best product out there. For this reason we begin by acquainting you with the benefits of fully traited seed, like SmartStax® hybrids, which offer maximum protection against insect and disease pests.
That said, your Account Manager will not hesitate to tell you when a seed with fewer traits, like a Double PRO® or even a conventional hybrid, is the most cost effective. NuWay Cooperative has the knowledge to guide you to solutions that will benefit each field and a wealth of seed partners to execute those solutions.
We also have the facilities to treat and inoculate your soybean seed to give you the highest possible yields to offset a down agricultural market.
Trust NuWay Cooperative and our seed partners below to deliver the best plant genetics for your particular farming operation and for each specific acre.








Agronomy Services

  • Consulting and Planning
  • Conventional Soil Testing
  • Grid Soil Testing and Mapping
  • Crop Nutrient Application
  • Crop Protection Application
  • Variable-Rate Crop Nutrient Application
  • Variable-Rate Planting
  • Tissue Sampling
  • Nitrate Testing

Crop Protection Products

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Plant Health Products

Plant Foods

  • Dry Crop Nutrients
  • Liquid Crop Nutrients
  • Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
  • Soil Amendments
  • Micronutrients

Let us help you use your data to analyze acre by acre what worked and what didn’t. We will compare your data anonymously with results of other growers to give you a better read on what products and practices have the potential to make you more money. Ask your Account Manager about the Technology Advantage or AgroMetrics Programs.


NuWay Cooperative strongly believes in sustainability, which we define as doing the right thing to make sure the food we produce is safe, to care for the land and to preserve our way of life, not only for this generation but for generations to come. This involves keeping our water clean, our soil uncontaminated and our climate stable.
Food safety and environmental stewardship are hot topics in the media these days. Our goal is to help our customers make the right choices and to get the word out that farmers are the best stewards, managing their land with the idea of passing it on better than it was to the next generation.
NuWay Cooperative promotes SUSTAIN™, which combines leading, highly effective and field-tested tools, technologies and practices to help growers improve nutrient use efficiency, soil health and productivity, all the while preserving the environment. SUSTAIN operates under the already established 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework that promotes using the right fertilizer source at the right rate and applied at the right time in the right place.
To aid its customers who embrace SUSTAIN, NuWay Cooperative has implemented several new application methods and techniques, including:

  • 360 Y-Drop
  • 360 Undercover
  • adapt-N
  • Cover Crop Seeding
  • Buffer Builder

Read more at and talk with your Account Manager about becoming a SUSTAIN grower.


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